StrasAIR elections will be held on February 23th, 2019 in the 4th floor conviviality room of the European Doctoral College at 16h.

There are 8 positions in the current board:

- President

- Vice-President

- Secretary

- Treasurer

- Social committee head

- Career/Scientific committee head

- Communication committee head

- Doctoral policy/Europe committee head

The first four positions (president, vice-president, treasurer, and secretary) must be held by four different people; the other positions can be accumulated. If you are curious about the duties of each post, please see Committees.

If you are interested in becoming a member of the board, please send an email to  Precise if you are a candidate for president, for the board, or for both. The deadline to candidate is February 19.

During the elections, candidates will have the opportunity to present themselves, with a visual support if desired.  If a candidate cannot be physically present during the election, they can be participate by skype or arrange a presentation ahead of time.  Any visual support or documents must be sent to two days before the elections.

Reminder!  Only StrasAIR members who have paid their annual 10€ member fee are eligible to candidate or to vote.  Member fees can be paid in person during StrasAIR events, by wire transfer, or at any time to a board member. Members who are not able to be present for the voting can give a mandate to another member.  Each present member can hold only one mandate.  Please send mandates by email to before 16h on Saturday 23 February.

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