StrasAIR is an association that gathers international researchers who newly arrive in France, especially in Strasbourg. We all come from different countries, with different cultures, henceforth with diverse perspectives. Each one has its own unique story about their experience in arriving at an unknown territory. We would like to know about them!

If you enjoy writing, send us your own story/diary/poem/experience. The compilation of these writings will be published on the book day (April 23rd) as ebook on Amazon. This will be available for download, free of charge.

With this book, we hope to share the struggles and joys felt by every new foreigner in Strasbourg. We would also like to know the perspectives/experiences from natives of France when encountering people from different cultures in their country. We encourage you to get out of your comfort zone, and enter in this adventure of seeing a new country by the eyes of internationals and locals.


Deadlines for text submitting: March 31st 2019

2000 – 3000 words, format .docx

Submission to:


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