The Scientific Art* Exhibition 2017

*Art in Micro- Nano World


The greatest scientists are artists as well. - Albert Einstein

About the Exhibition

We are pleased to announce, a first of its kind conference "Scientific Art* Exhibition" *Art in Micro- Nano World - Where science meets art. It's a wonderful opportunity to explore the various scientific disciplines via art and to explore the fascinating beauty of the incredibly small world.

 This exhibition is open for everyone and aims to bring multi-disciplines together. Each participant can submit one image per poster. However, if you want to submit more than one image then please make a separate submission. The image must be at the micro-nano-scale. For example, it can be technical micro surfaces, cells image from biology, medical drug particles, molecular imaging, AFM images, SEM / TEM imaging patterns or biological structures, which appear to be artistic to the person from other disciplines.

 For participation; You just have to register with your image by following the "submit you image here" button below. All the images will be exhibited during the exhibition.

EXHIBITION PLACE:  Indoor Garden, European Doctoral College. 46, Boulevard de la Victoire, Strasbourg

WHEN:  17: 30-20: 00, Tuesday, 19th Dec 2017

ENTRY: FREE - A welcome aperitif will be offered during the exhibition.

AWARD: The best 3 images will be awarded at the end of the exhibition.


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Image Submission Deadline:

  15th Dec 2017


Q & A :

  • Can I submit more than one image?
    • Yes, you can. Please make a separate submission for every additional image.
  • Do I need to print my image?
    • No. Organizer will print all images themselves.
  • Do I need to write my name on the image?
    • No. We will add your name while printing.
  • What if my image is not at high resolution?
    • Submit it. We will print it in suitable size.
  • What type of images I can submit?
    • Anything that you took in your research work.
  • If I still have a question?
    • Please write us at: or




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