Global Prespectives Program

Univeristy of Strasbourg-Univeristy of Bale-Virginia Tech

                                                                                            25 may 2016

On May 25 2016, a group of Phd students from Virginia Tech University visited  Strasbourg Univeristy

Campus. Virginie Herbasch from doctoral school of Unistra and StrasAIR organized the visit through the 

campus and showed the students all the significant buildings in the main campus and the historical

campus. In addition, some members of the PDI and StrasAIR participated in the discussion " Global 

University-science towers" along  with Mme TUFFERY-ANDRIEU, Director of the Doctoral School "Law,

Political Science  and History"and M. Christopher MUELLER, Academic manager of the International PhD



Members of the PDI and StrasAIR who participated in the debate with the Virginia Tech students

Lydia BEIL , Farouk ALLOUSH, Elsa TUFENKJIAN, Stefanos GAKIS, Raphael DE WIJN


The visit started with a welcome cocktail and speech by Madame Catherine FLORENTZ,  Vice Chancellor for

Research and Madame BĂ©atrice MEIER-MULLER,  Director of the Direction of Research in the CDE.

Following the speech, Virginia Tech students and Unistra students discussed about " Global Univeristy-

Science Towers" in a friendly yet professional way. Both groups of  students shared questions and

experiences through out the debate. The students of Virginia Tech were very curious about the daily life of

an Unistra PDI  PhD student.

After the debate, a meal was organized in the Univeristy restaurant : Paul-Apel and a campus tour lead by

Virginie Herbasch and  the President of StrasAIR: Farouk Alloush.

At the end of the visit, strasAIR members showed Virginia Tech students the CDE residence and all its

facilities in addition to the studios.

Group photo of the Virginia Tech group and members of StrasAIR