Month: February 2022


Change of Date: Escape game with StrasAir

Dear StrasAir members and friends, We are excited to announce our next thrilling team activity; an Escape Game! After the visit was originally scheduled for February 27th, it has now been moved to March 12th! Get ready to infiltrate Blue Castle prison to save our compromised secret agent, or helpRead More

Chocolate Museum with StrasAIR

Dear StrasAIR members and friends, as Saint Valentine’s Day is approaching, we would like to invite you to visit Chocolate museum together. You are invited on a voyage of discovery through the Schaal Chocolate factory, past and present, tracing the route of the cocoa bean from the Equator all theRead More


On Sunday, February 6th, we had an amazing afternoon playing Lasertag at the Megazone Lasertag arena in Lingolsheim. Every player received a lasergun and wore a vest, which detected the laser beams from other players. We played in two teams of seven players, the goal was to tag as manyRead More