5th StrasAIR Scientific Art Exhibition

Dear Strasair members and friends,

Bring out your inner Picasso by joining us at the 5th StrasAIR Scientific Art Exhibition!

The Scientific Art Exhibition brings together fascinating images (photos, SEM/TEM micrographs, telescope/microscope images, etc) of all research disciplines.

Do you have an image of your research that you would like to see on display? Submit it here: https://forms.gle/7h4jjBFSKsG91R6Q6

The most popular contributions will be awarded a prize on the day of the event!

Where: Interior Garden of the European Doctoral College (CDE) (46 Boulevard de la Victoire)

When: Tuesday, 4 April, 17h30-19h30

Cost: The event is free of charge for all participants and attendees!

About the inscription:

  • All scientific images are valid: photos, SEM/TEM micrographs, telescope/microscope images, etc.
  • The minimum resolution of the images is 1920×1080 pixels.
  • The exhibition is open for everyone and aims to bring the various disciplines together.
  • You can submit more than one image; in this case, please make a separate submission for each image.
  • The image must include the scale and be of your own authorship (total or shared).
  • The Strasair committee will reserve the right to accept or refuse each submission.
  • Deadline for submissions: Wednesday, 29 March, 23h59.

If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to contact us!

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