StrasAIR ‘s members includes:
  • PhD candidates
  • Master 2 students
  • Post-docs and visiting researchers
  • Honorary members
StrasAIR’s Committees are:
  • Social, Cultural & Sports
  • Scientific Affairs
  • Career Development
  • European & International Affairs
  • Doctoral Policy
  • Communication

PhD candidates, post-docs and visiting students

All the young researchers in Strasbourg, either PhD candidates or Post-doc or even visiting PhD candidates and Post-doc who are affiliated to the University of Strasbourg are welcome to join the association.


StrasAIR created this membership seeking for wiser support in decision making and event planning.

The board of the association elects honor members mainly among professors of the university and invite them to attend meetings and general assemblies,to get involved in discussing different projects that fulfill the goals of the association.

CDE Residents

Since its foundation, our association has been related to the European Doctoral College, so called “CDE”.

The CDE building is the home of more than 80 students. The residents come from different cultural and scientific background and most of them are PDI members.

That is why CDE residents constitute an important part of StrasAIR members. Thus, we act side-by-side with the residents to improve CDE facilities to fit their expectations and we represent them in front of the CDE administration.

Second year master students

Master studies are the transitional phase between undergrad and research.

Since Second year master students are starting their first research experience, StrasAIR facilitates their integration in the research world.

Through our different activities, master’s students will be in direct contact with PhDstudents which give them the chance to learn more about the PhD experience.

Moreover, Master students will have an opportunity to find a PhD position through the social and professional network of StrasAIR.