Objectives and Aims

The association addresses all PhD candidates and researchers interested in an international environment and aims to:

  • Support the welcoming and the integration of PhD candidates in Strasbourg by the means of a dynamical offer of social, cultural and sports activities which respond to the needs of those PhD candidates.
  • Develop a solid scientific network offering scientific meetings, courses and conferences through doctoral schools (écoles doctorales) and the “collège des écoles doctorales” which respond to the expectations of the PhD candidates.
  • Preserve the links with the former members of the association.
  • Facilitate the career orientation of the members through workshops, forums and other meetings with actors from the public and private sector.
  • Actively participate in the life of the University of Strasbourg through the different representative instances.
  • Promote the image of the University of Strasbourg and its different doctoral programs and research structures.
  • Encourage international exchange on scientific, cultural and professional subjects, especially in the context of the European Campus.

The association pursues non-religious, non-political and non-profits aims.


  • Presented a petition for the College Doctoral Europeen Residence to keep the common rooms open after 10 pm.  The common rooms are  now accessible 24/7 to all the residents.
  • Successfully negotiated to buy a Ping-Pong table for the College Doctoral Europeen Residence.
  • Currently working with the College Doctoral Europeen Residence to purchase more washing machines and dryers, as well as a vaccum cleaner which will be accessible to residents. 
  • Obtained financial support to organize monthly “Cafés Linguistiques”, and other gathering and sports events.
  • Helped the members organize several scientific conferences.
  • Winning the Elections for a membership in the Consultative Comitee of PhD Candidates.