Author: Guido Masella


The impact of COVID-19 on the Hiring Sector: Impacts and Changes

How to navigate the Human Resources field in order to design a career has always been a question for young professionals, especially now in the times of COVID-19. Due to this new situation, hiring companies and potential candidates are facing new challenges to get their goals met. In view ofRead More

Halloween Party - October 31st, 2019

Halloween Party

Do you have ideas for a scary Halloween costume? Do you think your costume is the scariest ever made? Then join us on Halloween night after sunset (8 pm) at Caffé Viennoise, 4th floor of CDE, 46 Boulevard de la Victoire, Strasbourg. Prizes will be awarded for the best threeRead More

Conférence sur l'amour - June 6th, 2019

Conférence sur l’amour

In this seminar, Prof. Marcel Hilbert, from University of Strasbourg and the Laboratoire d’Innovation Thérapeutique, will approach the magical functioning of love from a chemical and biological point of view. The seminar will take place in Amphitheater of the Collège Doctoral Européen (46 Boulevard de la Victoire, 67000 Strasbourg) startingRead More

Procrastination Meeting - April 27th, 2019

Meeting on Procrastination

Let’s talk about procrastination habits with our host Aubin Heudou Tchihikou. Where: Café Viennoise (4th floor), Collège Doctoral Européen, 46 Boulevard de la Victoire, 67000 Strasbourg, France When: On April 27th, 2019, from 20:00

Laser-Tag - March 17th, 2019


Sponsored by StrasAIR, a Laser-Tag grand battle has been fought in Megazone Strasbourg on Sunday 17/03/2019. Price: €10 for members and €13 for non-members. Thisincludes 3 games, each lasting 20 minutes, as well as a soft drink. Meeting: We meet at 15:00 at CDE (or at 16:00 at the laserRead More